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Research Interests


Decisions under Uncertainty and Distributionally Robust Optimization

Completely Positive and Co-positive Program

Optimization and Game Theory



Healthcare and Humanitarian Operations

Supply Chain Risk management

Process Flexibility

Innovative Business Models

Published Papers

Healthcare and Humanitarian Operations

  • Gao, S. Y., He, Y., Zhang, R., Zheng, Z., Lam, S. W., and Tan, E., and 2024. Optimizing Initial Screening for Colorectal Cancer Detection with Adherence Behavior. Accepted in Management Science. [Link]

    • POMS HK 2022 Best Student Paper Competition, 1st Place.​

  • Zhu., T., Yeo, N., Gao, S. Y., and Loke, G., 2023. Inventory-Responsive Donor Management Policy: A Tandem Queueing Network Model.  Manufacturing & Service Operations Management[Link]

  • Cheng, G., Gao, S. Y., Yuan, Y., Zhang, C., and Zheng, Z., 2022. On the Test Accuracy and Effective Control of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study in Singapore. INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, 52(6), pp.524-538[Link]

Supply Chain Management

  • Gao, S.Y., Simchi-Levi, D., Teo, C.P., Yan, Z., 2019. Disruption Risk Mitigation in Supply Chains - The Risk Exposure Index Revisited. Operations Research. [Link]

  • Yan, Z., Gao, S.Y., and Teo, C.P., 2017. On the Design of Sparse but Efficient Structures in Operations. Management Science. [Link]

Innovative Business Models

  • Gao, S.Y., Lim, W.S. and Tang, C., 2016. Entry of Copycats of Luxury Brands. Marketing Science, 36(2), pp.272-289. [Link]

  • Gao, S.Y., Lim, W.S. and Tang, C., 2016. The Impact of the Potential Entry of Copycats: Entry Conditions, Consumer Welfare, and Social Welfare. Decision Sciences. [Link]

  • Gao, S.Y., Lim, W.S. and Ye, Z., 2022. Optimal Channel Strategy of Luxury Brands in the Presence of Online Marketplace and Counterfeits. European Journal of Operational Research, 308(2), pp.709-721.[Link]



  • Gao, S.Y., Sun, J., and Wu, S. Y., 2016. A Semi-infinite Programming Approach to Two-stage Stochastic Linear Programs with High-order Moment Constraints. Optimization Letters, pp.1-11. [Link]

  • Gao, S.Y., Kong, L. and Sun, J., 2014. Robust Two-stage Stochastic Linear Programs with Moment Constraints. Optimization, 63(6), pp.829-837. [Link]

Working Papers

Healthcare and Humanitarian Operations

  • Gao, S. Y., Teo, C.P., and Zheng, H., Homeland Security Games: The Value of Flexible Redeployment. Major Revision in Operations Research.

  • Bandi, C., Gao, S. Y., Moorthy, R., Tan, B. K., and Teo, C. P., Optimal Scheduling and Policy Design of Two-Dose Vaccination Rollout.  under review[Link]

    • Previously distributed by the title "Vaccine Appointment Scheduling: The Second Dose Challenge."

  • Gao, S. Y., Lyu, G., and Bi, S., Post-Disaster Humanitarian Logistics Planning: A Time-to-Survive Framework. under review

  • Disaster Relief Resource Pre-position and Redeployment Facing an Adversarial Nature. under preparation. (With Chung-Piaw Teo and Huan Zheng)

  • On the Adherence of Colorectal Cancer Screening Policies – A Survey Study in Singapore. under preparation. (With Nicholas Yeo, Yan He, and Zhichao Zheng)

  • Screening Process Information Matters More Than Clinical Information: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Information Sharing on Cancer Screening Decision. (With Xiaodong Wang, Yongjian Zhu, Zhichao Zheng, and Shao Wei Lam)

  • Rethinking Appointment Scheduling: Addressing Counselor Burnout and Improving Patient Outcomes. under preparation. (With Kejia Hu, Yuchen Liang, and Chung-Piaw Teo)

Optimization and Game Theory

  • Data-Driven Robust Incomplete Information Games and Bounded Rationality. under preparation. (With Chung-Piaw Teo)


Innovative Business Models

  • Lu, L.,  Fang, X., Gao, S.Y., Kazaz, B., Converting Counterfeiters in Emerging Markets to Authorized Suppliers: A New Anti-counterfeiting Measure. Major Revision in Production and Operations Management[Link]

  • Palsule-Desai, D.O, Gao, S.Y., and Teo, C.P., Intermediary Agri-Service Providers with Co-Production: The Impact of Farm Size on Performance. under review.

  • Manufacturing Flexibility Investment in the Presence of Subscription Programs. under preparation. (With Onur Boyabatli and Liling Lu)

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